With the release of his debut album At What Cost in March, DC rapper GoldLink has been making waves with his music, one example being the Kaytranada-produced “Meditation”.

“Meditation” is an infectious song with a driving beat meant to be blasted at every party featuring a catchy chorus from R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan. In the recently released video for the lead single, GoldLink looks for love in the seams of a hectic house party.

The video features the rapper going into a crowded house party with cuts to partiers clad in unique, ’70s inspired clothing – after a while, the camera zooms into a woman GoldLink is staring at, someone we can assume is the woman of his dreams.

What follows is GoldLink trying to get the woman’s attention while also attempting to keep her away from her boyfriend.

At one point, the video changes focus to Sullivan surrounded by an entourage of woman getting ready in the bathroom. As she sings into the mirror on top of the smooth rhythm of the music coursing through the house, the video cuts to more dancing that almost makes the viewer want to get up and join them.

Her sultry chorus adds to the song’s overall feel and the tone the video puts forward. All-in-all, “Meditation” is a song that will have you coming back for more, and is the perfect introduction to the funky vibes thrown at you on GoldLink’s At What Cost.

The video closes with the sounds of gunshots breaking up the party and an abrupt ending after GoldLink is caught dancing up on the woman, leaving the perfect opportunity for another video to pick up the story where it was left off.

“Meditation” features cameos from Sullivan and even an appearance from Ray-J, who plays GoldLink’s love interest’s boyfriend. At What Cost is out everywhere under RCA Records.