Though it’s not entirely evident from her music, Amber Ryann has been heavily influenced by My Chemical Romance. It was actually the “Helena” video that sparked Ryann’s passion for music and what eventually led her to dive into the hardcore scene. Later on though, she would find that though rock music had been her vice for years, her musical talent lies in the world of rap and R&B.

It’s most evident in the track “For Real,” which we are thrilled to premiere the music video for today. Ryann is joined by rapper Airospace on a track that incorporates indie tendencies with an R&B soul. It’s a feel-good track that finds Ryann tackling rather heavy emotions.

The music video features Ryann underwater, mostly at peace, meditating with vinyl records settling around her, but at times struggling to remain composed and forcing her way up for air. It’s a perfect visual component to the song, conveying the emotions of the lyrics in an easy-to-understand way.

When asked about the song and music video, Ryann said:

“The track is about opening up and feeling weighed down by the stigma that comes with talking about the issues you constantly suppress. Feeling no sense of comfort in the people that you don’t think can understand your struggle and only finding solace in the people that find themselves in the same type of distress. This video depicts a world between “peace of mind” in my own thoughts and preconceptions and instills a feeling of urgency to relieve those thoughts and gasp for air.”

“For Real” comes from Ryann’s upcoming sophomore release, Voice Memos, which is due out on August 4.

Pre-orders for Voice Memos are available here. Keep up with Amber Ryann on Facebook, SoundCloud, BandCamp and Instagram.