We first saw Dave Made A Maze in the early days of January 2017, and to be perfectly honest that initial screening left us incredibly upset because we knew something special had just happened that the other films released this year would struggle to top. Six months later, Dave Made A Maze remains in a league entirely its own, and soon you too will be able to experience its original, incredibly funny journey.

Set almost entirely inside a cardboard maze built inside his living room, Dave Made A Maze is a crazy tale of imagination gone awry in the most literal sense. Dave (Nick Thune) has constructed something that is vastly larger on the inside than it would appear from the outside, much like Doctor Who’s tardis, and along the way he forgot to build an exit. Now lost inside his own creativity, Dave recruits his closest friends to save him. You can view the new trailer above.

In his review of the film, critic James Shotwell wrote:

“I wish every movie could be as fun as Dave Made A Maze. Thinly veiled metaphors for growing up and giving up on the thing you thought you would become are a dime a dozen these days, but here Watterson and Sears are able to make an incredibly familiar concept feel new once more. Through the use of puppetry, stop-motion animation, and a variety of optical illusions, the pair create a world of wonder targeted at adults who believe that faith in the impossible no longer exists within themselves. To say more about their cinematic ingenuity would only ruin what they clearly worked incredibly hard to prepare.”

You can see Dave Made A Maze for yourself this August. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new footage. We’ll see you at the movies.