The wait for Haim‘s new album seems to be unending, but the women who first burst onto the scene in 2013 with “Falling” and “The Wire” have shared a new song that is sure to please fans the world over.

Released at the top of the week, “Little of Your Love” is the third song to surface off Haim’s upcoming album. Unlike “Right Here” and “Want You Back,” which were both fine songs that arguably had little mass appeal, “Little of Your Love” feels made with radio in mind. More specifically, it feels made for radio in the summer, when people are falling in love with the sound of top 40 playing in the background. It’s the kind of song that makes you believe in all those romantic things found in movies, and you can stream it in full at the top of this page.

There have been jokes circulating online about whether or not Haim are inadvertently becoming the next Wilson Phillips since the promotion for their new album began. While there are admittedly some similarities in vocal melodies and lyrical hopefulness it’s safe to say the ladies of Haim have already established themselves as something utterly unique. That said, we wouldn’t mind hearing Haim cover “Hold On” in the years to come.

Haim’s new album, Something To Tell You, finally arrives on July 7. You can preorder the album online, and if you do you will receive a download of “Little of Your Love” instantly. Click here for more details.