We have spent the majority of 2017 tell you that the opportunity to hop on Staircase Spirits‘ bandwagon before they crossed into the mainstream was quickly coming to a close. Today that impending stardom inches closer to becoming a reality as the California based band has partnered with Substream to share the exclusive world premiere of “That Night II” off their upcoming EP.

How many time in your life have you had to remind yourself about the old adage that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind? We’ve certainly been there a time or two, especially when someone we care about deeply wrongs us. Our initial response to these moments is typically fight or flight, sometimes both, but as we grow older we learn to not let our instincts dictate our actions. Sometimes it’s best to be the bigger person. To know you could do harm and instead choose to resist, not for them, but for yourself. That is the kind of experience “That Night II” details. Take a listen:

We asked singer-songwriter Anna Acosta to tell us a bit more about “That Night II.” She replied:

“That Night II is a fantasy – the kind you’re not supposed to admit to having. When someone screws you over enough times, it can almost make you wish you were a slightly worse person – even though at the end of the day, you are who you are and if you’ve got integrity it can be hard to shake that. The good news is, you can always write a song letting them know you had the same opportunities as them to be awful and you chose not to.

You can find “That Night II” and many more songs on Staircase Spirits new EP, War Stories, which will be released this coming Friday (May 5). You can also find the band in the next issue of Substream when it arrives on stands in a few weeks.