War movies are nothing new. For just about as long as war and film have existed at the same time, the former has been the subject of the latter. What is new is a war movie from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. That’s what we’re getting later this summer when Dunkirk is released, and the movie got a new trailer today.

It’s World War II, and a large group of Allied soldiers are stuck on the waters of Dunkirk, France. The trailer does an excellent job building the stakes, as small skirmishes grow into bombing runs and further evolve into a full battle. Alongside the story of the soldiers, the focus is also on a group of civilian boaters who come to help rescue the captured troops. The trailer has all the grandiose music cues and camera angles Nolan is known for, and looks to be a true visual spectacle and emotionally impactful film.

Dunkirk arrives in theaters on July 21. The film made our list of 45 must-see summer movies, and you can check out the full list here.