Producer and festival favorite Marshmello has become increasingly hard for the mainstream market to ignore over the past year. Having brought a unique brand of feel-good EDM to nearly every corner of the year in eighteen months or less, the leader of the Mellogang has returned with the first taste of the next chapter in his career.

Released in time to align perfectly with graduation parties all across America, “Moving On” ad its accompanying video are all about looking toward the future. The clip finds Marshmello, Slushii, and two actors that look an awful lot like Skrillex and Ookay celebrating the end of their high school journey. Marshmello is headed to Joytime University in the fall (a clever reference to his debut album), but right now he’s celebrating the end of an era that has until now largely defined his being.

Musically, “Moving On” feels more like a continuation than anything else. It’s a bass-friendly track with melodies delivered through slick, arguably cute synth engineered to maximize the amount of joy a single song can possibly convey. If this is what the future sounds like, I think fans new and old will be thrilled for what is to come.

Marshmello will be performing at festivals all over the world this summer. In fact, our team has plans to see him at least three times between now and September. If more hits like this follow it seems safe to say the rise of Mellogang will no be slowing anytime soon, which makes now as good a time as any to share this great instructional video on how to create your own Marshmello helmet:

For more information on Marshmello and his global whereabouts be sure to visit his official website. We’ll bring you more on the Mellogang’s global takeover as new information become available.