Longtime fans of Chance The Rapper will tell you the Chicago MC has been performing a song titled “They Say” as part of his live shows for years. The song was produced by Kaytranada and was in contention to be included on Coloring Book, despite being created years prior to some of the other songs, but didn’t make it onto the final tracklist.

Over the weekend, Kaytranada shared an unfinished studio version of “They Say” during his guest DJ stint on the OTHERtone Beats1 radio show. Before the track played, the producer added ““I still dont have the full version of the song but go ahead and rip it from the mix or something.” You can stream a rip of that stream below:

Kaytranada also tweeted about the song release over the weekend, but that message has since disappeared from all social channels. This leads us to believe there is a possibility that the rip above could vanish in the coming days as well. If you want to hear it, don’t wait.

In other Chance The Rapper news, the ‘Be Encouraged’ tour is currently taking place all over the Unite States. Dates and ticket information can be found here.

Coloring Book recently celebrated one year of release. In that time, Chance the Rapper stormed the Billboard charts, won three Grammy Awards and launched his current, largely sold-out arena tour, all without label support. The era of the self-made superstar is upon us, and it’s hard to think of a better figurehead for the movement than the man born Chancellor Johnathan Bennett.