Last we checked in on Real Estate, they were befriending a horse in a music video. While we would have been fine with more equestrian content from the group, they might have given us something even cooler this time around. The band unveiled new single “Stained Glass,” and they have made sure if you’re into it you can play it for yourself.

The song feels like a throwback to the ’70s, with a bouncy mixture of electric and acoustic guitar buoying the track along on its way. Don’t take our word for it, though. The band included a video tutorial of how to play the song along with its release. If you can read tabs or sheet music you can learn to play the parts yourself. The video contains the music for the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano overlaid over top of each respective instrument. It’s a really cool idea to get musically inclined fans into the music even more, and we would love to see more artists do something like this. Check out the tutorial right here:

Real Estate’s new album In Mind is being released through Domino on March 17, which happens to be both next Friday and St. Patrick’s Day. The album is available for pre-order in both physical and digital formats.