There’s something to be said for a music video where an artist just faces the camera and sings. Not that more elaborate videos can’t be great too, but letting a performance and the emotion on an artist’s face speak for itself for the most part can be equally powerful. A perfect example of this minimalist concept is the new video for Lydia Ainsworth‘s “Afterglow.”

Ainsworth appears backlit against a black backdrop, fitting with the haunting sound of the song. For the first minute she’s on her own, but soon after that she’s joined by another person wearing a blank white mask. As the song progress more and more masked individuals pop up in the background, to creepy and wonderful effect. Watch the video now (via Fader):

The video also fits in with the title of Ainsworth’s upcoming album, Darling Of The Afterglow. The album will be available on March 31 and is available for pre-order now.