Every day is a good day to be a fan of Julien Baker. In that regard, today is especially exciting as Baker talked to NPR to announce that she has signed to Matador Records. If that wasn’t enough, we also got a brand new song from the ever-impressive singer-songwriter, entitled “Funeral Pyre.”

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Over the mournful chords and sliding of her guitar, Baker does what she’s best at, namely crafting a story that will leave an emotional impact on any listener. Baker is a fantastic songwriter, and with a title like “Funeral Pyre” there’s a ton of descriptive lyrics about fire and burning that makes the song a strong showing for both her musical and lyrical writing.

Listen to “Funeral Pyre” via Bandcamp below. With a new label and a great new song, we’re stoked to hear what Julien Baker has in store for us in 2017.