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REVIEW: Sleepersound ‘In Media Res’: Mystical, Mathematical, and Mesmerizing

Some rock music really evokes infinity. This can be the immortal poetic anthems of Television, or the looped existential blues of Radiohead. It’s become...

PREMIERE: Sleepspent release new track “California”

Sleepspent is lead by 21-year-old songwriter and guitarist Austin North, who began performing as a UC San Diego student before eventually returning to his hometown...
Delta Sleep

PREMIERE: Delta Sleep take you on a journey through Spain in “Dream Thang” video

Delta Sleep is the latest England indie-rock band to begin their journey breaking over into the United Staes. It all started when the Brighton...
Sleeping Lion

Sleeping Lion work together, no matter the distance

The transition from working remotely to working in a central location can be a tough one. You have to completely change your schedule and...

PREMIERE: Sleeping Seasons share the music video for “Things That Scare Us”

In its seven-year lifespan, Sleeping Seasons is a band that's seen many shapes and forms. The Munford, Tennesee based rock-band originally started as a...

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