Texas-based indie/punk/rock band Riley! have announced that they will be releasing their new album, Keep Your Cool, on April 19th via Counter Intuitive Records.


Keep Your Cool is their third studio album, following 2018’s self titled debut album and 2021’s Already Fucked.

Riley! — consisting of members vocalist/guitarist Ryan Bluhmm (they/them), bassist Kris Gallardo (he/him), and drummer Cesar “Izzy” Izaguirre (they/them) — have also shared the lead single, “Keep Your Cool, Man,” which is out now.

Riley! doesn’t hold back on the dramatics, as Bluhmm said it’s meant to capture the feeling that everything is always happening all the time and way too fast, and boy do they really hit the mark on this single.

Listen to the song below.

Pulling inspiration from bands like Glocca Morra, Algernon Cadwalladar, Hot Mulligan, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, and more, Keep Your Cool masters a balance between tongue-in-cheek playfulness — like on the anti-work anthem “Kill Yr Boss”-–and critical self-accountability––“guess I’m just a fucking asshole / throw me in a black hole,”they violently shout on “Die Mad.”

All three members of Riley! grew up in the same border town of Rio Grande Valley, TX — Izzy re-located there from Mexico and later joined the band in 2020. It’s the kind of place where you need to pass through border checkpoints just to visit other areas within your own country; they still get a bit of culture shock whenever they go on tour. Growing up in a place like that can put a heavy burden on a developing person, as much of Bluhm’s lyrics about addiction and self-sabotage can attest to, but the trio found its winning combination by putting that vulnerability, as dramatic and brash as it may seem, on full blast.

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Riley! Keep your call art


  1. 777
  2. Keep Your Cool, Man
  3. Bad Boys Boxing Club
  4. Kill Yr Boss
  5. [cries in Spanish]
  6. Ego Peek Mid
  7. Die Mad
  8. Eat Your Heart Out
  9. God is an Algorithm and I’m Fighting for Attention With a Million Strangers on the Internet
  10. Talk It Out