Acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Sam MacPherson has just released his heartfelt new single “I Don’t Wanna See You Try,” which is out now via Elektra.

On the single, MacPherson draws a turbulent scene of frustration, compassion, and a desperate plea for understanding as he dives into the complexities of deeply caring about someone who is also seemingly at their breaking point.

“‘I Don’t Wanna See You Try’ is about the moment a family member told me they didn’t want to be alive anymore,” MacPherson explains. “It’s a song that carefully acknowledges the struggles of someone fighting mental health battles, from the point of view of a loved one who couldn’t imagine letting them do it alone. The times I’ve felt the worst about my own mental health were the times I was certain I was struggling alone. Writing this song was me reminding myself that’s never the case.”

Listen to the new song below.

“I Don’t Wanna See You Try” follows Sam’s 2023 major label debut EP, Powerlines, which is highlighted by singles such as “Safe To Say” and the EP’s title track.

Following early uploads such as “No Bad Memories,” he gained traction with the alluring, heartbreaking single “Routine” in 2021. Beyond landing on coveted playlists, it generated 6M+ streams and garnered praise among music blogs. He also served up the Songs for Sam EP featuring his song “Last Minute,” which lit up TikTok and surpassed 10M streams. Through his effortless harmonies and unique perspectives, he carried this momentum into 2022 with singles like “Crash Course” and “Rookie.” Simultaneously, he emerged as a sought-after collaborator behind-the-scenes for Stephen Sanchez, Jonah Kagen, Garrett Nash, and more. He notably co-wrote “Heartbreak Hall of Fame ” for Quinn Lewis and “You” for VINCINT. Moreover, he has shared stages with Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, The Brook & The Bluff and labelmate Jake Scott.

Be on the lookout for more from Sam MacPherson soon.