Today, pop-rockets Hey Violet have elected to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the release of new music.

Albeit “Uncomplicated” is an anthemic single released on the day of love, the song itself is more of an ultimate anti-Valentine’s Day track. Lyrically it touched on relationships that have formed into a place of being too comfortable and boring, and looks to speak to those who may be alone on this holiday.

”Uncomplicated” follows the release of “i should call my friends” and their 2023 signing to Hopeless Records

Explaining on the new single, Rena Lovelis of Hey Violet states, “This song was a way to call out my own distorted thinking in relationships… a sort of reckoning for what I chase and why I chase it. I remember when I was 16 years old and I was dating someone who was just a total sweetheart, and I was bored out of my mind. It really had nothing to do with that person; it was the volatility that Nia and I grew up witnessing that then transgressed into my relationships later on. ‘Uncomplicated’ was initially written by us, our friend Robbie Hiser, and an artist friend for their project, but we ended up loving the song and asked if we could have it for this album. The lyrics really feel like a harsh spotlight on my thinking and we thought it was an important part of the album as a whole. It sounds pretty flirty at first, just like how it usually begins when you start to like someone. The pre-chorus is a release, like you start to open up to someone or maybe you see one another sad and it’s this sweet moment of emotional nakedness with your person, and then the chorus comes in like a freight train to sonically portray the ways I’d create problems in relationships out of my own insecurities. The last chorus has a particular lyric change that felt like a perfectly imperfect summation of what’s really happening beneath the surface of the rest of the lyrics. We didn’t want it to just be a song that glorifies toxicity, but, instead, one where the protagonist actually looks at their own patterns of behavior and goes ‘Wow. This actually has very little to do with the other person and is the product of my own inner turmoil.’“

Listen to the new song below.