Hershey, PA based hard rock band Lives Lost release their latest single “Champagne”. Crowning a potent post-hardcore soundscape with injections of inspired hard rock, Lives Lost put the “Champagne” on ice with their heady blend of cascading guitars and soaring choruses.

“Champagne is a bouncy, energetic active rock song that is a PSA to observe who your real friends are, start living your best life, and to start losing the dead weight in your life. It’s specifically written about a tough time in my life where a friend showed their true colors and wasn’t who I thought they were. I think disappointment and loss are universal languages in the same way as happiness and love. This is a song for everybody that has been let down by seeing somebody’s absolute goodness and potential and waking up to the reality that they’ve chosen to be a bad person instead of a good one.” – Lead Vocalist, Tanis Pellegrini

Lives Lost exude an alluring hybrid of driving hard rock and emotive post-hardcore. Nodding to the likes of Silverstein, Caskets and The Used, the young quartet explore love, loss and the human experience, with social issues and the growing pains of life at the forefront of their lyrical output.

Debut EP, 2023’s A Portrait of Loss, conceptualized these themes, taking listeners on a journey through the state of grieving, after the lead character loses a loved one.

New single “Champagne” kicks of a new year and a fresh release cycle for the Northeast crew. The accomplished instrumental interplay marries crushing percussion and riveting riffs, with a buoyant parlay of heavy and melodic that nods to some of the band’s most heralded contemporaries.

Nostalgia and grit collide harmoniously on the new single, as Lives Lost pop the cork on 2024.

Lives Lost is:
Tanis Pellegrini – Lead Vocals
Aaron Perry – Guitar
Gabriel Perez – Bass/Vocals
Alan Thompson – Drums/Vocals.