California pop star Franny London continues her ascent to the top with catchy new music like her latest release, “Funny Girl.” The art pop original is the captivating new offering from the rising star written and produced by Franny-herself. A follow-up to her previous single, “Metal,” the song, inspired by Sharon Van Etten, is a true power ballad that toes the line between vulnerability and strength. It is a free, intense, and self-assured record that is meant to evoke power and acceptance, and further a strong sense of self – not just for Franny London, but for the listener as well.

Franny London on creating “Funny Girl”:

“I wanted to make a song about my younger self, about a mischievous, headstrong kid. I was considering the ways I have grown and changed, and the things I lost from that phase of my life, and how I could get the best of me back. I wanted to write to her, like she was standing in front of me. I wanted to ask her what she needed, and thank her, and work on integrating her into my life now. I wanted to honor how we come onto earth whole in our own ways, and how life can try to shake us down and teach us that the best parts of ourselves are things we should reject and change. I wanted to tell anyone who’s listening that the most power can be found in accepting those parts of ourselves.”

Directed by Tess Lafia, the music video is a playfully earnest dance between Franny’s past and present selves. It mirrors the song’s intention: a celebration of the fierce, strong-willed child within and an exploration of the balance between masculine and feminine energies that Franny has embraced throughout her life. The video’s filming, set against the intimate backdrop of her childhood home, reflects a personal history that complements the rich, synth-driven melodies of the track, further connecting with the transformative power of music and dance.

London continued: “The act of creating ‘Funny Girl’ was in itself a reunion with the unbounded freedom of my youth. Dancing in the spaces where I grew up, I reconnected with my original sense of self—a self that was full of power and mischief. Tess captured this reawakening with a poetic finesse that breathes life into the track’s narrative. The result is more than a music video; it's an expression of liberation and joy, a poignant homage to reclaiming the untamed parts of our identity that time often erodes.”

London has accumulated over 1.5 million streams across all streaming platforms as she currently develops her next project, which is slated for a 2024 release. “Funny Girl” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans for the emerging artist who has already acquired a large following on social media.

Watch “Funny Girl” below.