Academic writing requires that learners stick to basic writing norms. While this sounds simple, many students fail the test because they do not know how to go about it. Composing an excellent piece begins with extensive research. The citation is another factor determining your paper’s quality, yet it is often neglected.

Instructors are keen on this; learners overlook it because they do not know its value. We will help you understand its importance so that you heed the instruction when drafting your piece. The simple reasons for accurate references are:

  • When using someone’s information, giving credit regarding their work is vital. It also shows you have done enough study to credit your work.
  • Using someone’s content without acknowledging it amounts to plagiarism. You can avoid this by proper citation.
  • Any credible work must show the amount of study undertaken to ascertain the superiority of the content. This can only be seen through the referenced work in the bibliography.
  • Being real about the sources that supported the development of your work amounts to academic honesty. It shows respect for intellectual property, which upholds the principles of scholarly integrity.

You do not have to deliver a shoddy piece because everything you need is available. You can secure professional support from a paper writing service to format your piece excellently. Besides, we have a few hacks to help you complete your work like an expert. 

APA Citation Tricks

Several hacks can help you deliver a perfect piece from scratch. We have outlined a few here for you. 

Use Citation Management Software

Students and professionals much ensure their work is perfect. Sometimes it is not easy to achieve that because of multiple engagements. It can also be due to a lack of task expertise. However, you are sorted with citation management software like Zotero. This and other tools help you to generate in-text quotations and references automatically. Do not struggle when such tools are handy to you. You only have to import relevant data to get a complete list. This is a plus because all you need is catered for.

Quick APA Guidelines

Many students fail to deliver a fully cited piece because they lack a proper guide. You can overcome this challenge using an APA-style quick guide with common citation requirements. They serve as examples to help you complete your work professionally. The examples cover many sources to ensure you get it right.

Online Citation Generators

Are you struggling to cite your work in APA? Can you utilize an online citation generator to solve all your problems? Multiple citation generators allow you to get it right without struggling. You paste the required information, and the generator will provide a comprehensive list. You will be required to copy and paste it on your paper. It is easy to use these generators instead of delivering inconsistent citations.

Google Scholar

Sometimes instead of wring a bibliography, students use Google Scholar. You can configure the settings to get references in APA when using it. It is one of the easiest approaches to guarantee perfect APA citation. Each document requires special considerations, which is why you must be keen. Citing a movie is different from other sources.

These four approaches will help you deliver a perfectly formatted piece. We have what you must do here if you want to cite a movie.

How to Cite a Movie in APA


Any form of citation appears twice in a document. The in-text citation appears in the body, referring to a given stance. This is cited differently from the reference list, which shows all the complete sources used while drafting a document.

APA citation provides the name and date for in-text. It acknowledges the origin of your information by giving the playwright’s last name and the publication year in brackets. For a movie, it offers the director’s name and the year of release. Here is an example. (Bloomberg, 2019).

In the bibliography, you give the whole information that assists the reader in acquiring the same data. You must give the director’s last name, then a comma. Lastly, provide the title of the movie and the production company. 

Here is a perfect example.

Filps, A. (Director). (2013). Live Again (Film). Universal Pictures.

Providing the URL after the reference list is imperative if you accessed the movie online. This helps anyone reading your work to encounter the same content if needed.