Epitome dance music recording artist Matroda prepares for his 2023 road trip with the release of his buzzing, and most exciting, new single called “In The Air.” A perfect for summertime tune that takes listeners on an unforgettable journey throughout sound, Matroda latest track is a summer anthem that will be requested by popular demand the rest of 2023.

“In The Air” characterize Matroda’s signature keyboard-driven progressions as it captivates a mix of classic house sounds that seamlessly merge with a pulsating bassline, creating a rich tapestry of rhythm and melody. And with uplifting vocals and emotional depth, the track adds impact with tantalizing layer of complexity. “In The Air” is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan.

Matroda’s distinctive sonic signature characterized by thrilling buildups, high-energy effects, and more. This is music that doesn’t merely exist to be heard, it exists to be experienced. Each note is designed to engage, to excite, to elevate.

“In The Air” is accompanied with a 12-city nationwide tour that begins July 22 and conclude on August 26. The tour makes stops in major markets like Toronto, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Palm Springs.

Check out “In The Air,” below, available via Terminal Underground. For more on Matroda, follow him on social media.