Amber Rose is one of the most influential stars in pop culture. Her beauty, personality, and ideology have been replicated by fans and celebrities alike. Today, rising Lagos, Nigeria star Marvel, also known as Bad Boy, pays homage to the public figure in the new love song, properly titled “Amber Rose.” Like his previous work, Marvel’s latest effort continues to discuss afro-centric love and storytelling as he shares what he is going through right now with a young lady.

Throughout the song, Marvel professes his love to a woman unsure how she feels about him with sweet and soothing lyrics like: “Come and give me clues / Cause my heart is running like it’s on the loose / I follow all your rules / Your command be my truth.”

“Amber Rose” made its way to the number-one spot of the most Shazamed song in Nigeria, in one week, currently in the Top 100 charts.

Marvel’s latest release is the perfect origin point for newfound fans eager to hop on the artist’s bandwagon as he rides into 2023 as one of the industry’s top prospects.

“Amber Rose” is available everywhere via Castle Grey Studios. Stream it here.

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Watch the lyric video for “Amber Rose” below.