Today, thrash rock meets alt-pop artist, Elliot Lee releases her video for “Drama Queen”, her second single from the forthcoming EP Queen Of Nothing


Brooklyn based Elliot Lee brings a breath of fresh air to creativity and music right now. Despite the ability for any artist to find their place in what is an oversaturated, copycat, DIY style music world we are living in, Elliot Lee has found a way to cut through it and find true originality. You could easily argue that there are other artists similar to Elliot Lee yes, but the difference is in her huge voice, songwriting and production. She has taken dark pop melodies, blended it with electronic rock and added what we feel is a very unique vocal sound that dances right on top of the beat. (Photo by Mike Mazza)


“Drama Queen is the penultimate installment in a story following the downfall of the Queen of Nothing who set out with righteous intentions but stumbled down a path of materialism into her own ruin.  Everyone finds ways to synthesize happiness, be it through substances or other means, and for a lot of people it’s easy to get caught up in the dopamine rush that material possessions bring us. We build walls around us using these coping mechanisms in an attempt to guard ourselves from darkness, but who are we when the wall crumbles?”

-Elliot Lee-


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