Foxtrot Motel is a brand new Electronic music duo comprised of Connor Scott Frank and Danny Lunt (not pictured). Residing in both the US and UK, the duo have found creative ways to make music together during a time of civil unrest and global pandemic. Blending the gap between Pop and Electronic music, Foxtrot Motel have exploded onto the scene with their debut single ‘Collide’ gaining fast popularity with many established acts for their personal storytelling that everyone can relate to. The duo’s second single ‘All My Life’ is available everywhere.

“Danny and I came together to form Foxtrot Motel at a time in our lives when we were both searching for something. ‘All My Life’ is the story of a person who is trying to piece everything together but realizes they were never meant to do it alone. The song is incredibly personal to us and reminds us to appreciate the connections all around us. It’s a story of growth, love and acceptance.” – Connor

Stream “All My Life” here.

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