Ari Lenox has reached back into the archives— if you count May as “the archives”— for a new music video for “BMO” this morning. “BMO”— which, as we’ve gleaned from the lyrics, stands for “Break Me Off”— is the third single from Lennox’s critically acclaimed debut album, Shea Butter Baby, which dropped back in May this year. The video, which recalls ’90s R&B all the way down to the colors and the white getup, sees Lennox in a myriad of different outfits and styles, looking fierce and beautiful in every one. It gives “Shea Butter Baby” a whole new meaning. Watch below.

Fresh off a recent spring tour in support of her album, Lennox will hit the road yet again to headline Live Nation Urban’s Femme It Forward music series in Philadelphia (Aug 24th), and then to join Lizzo on her Cuz I Love you Too Tour. That cross-country trek 2.0 will launch September 7th in New Orleans, and will stretch through October 25th for a closing night in Vegas. You can find tour dates and tickets at Ari’s website.

“BMO” is not the only song that’s recently received a video. As you wait for her and Lizzo’s tour to start, you can watch the visual for the project’s lead single/title track “Shea Butter Baby” (featuring label head and MC J. Cole). Here’s that video, directed by Bennett Johnson.