The very first episode of Waldman’s Words on idobi Radio premiered in fall 2016, just before our current administration took office. It was a simpler and more innocent time. The ten guests listed below are not anger inducing and deserve four more years:

  1. Collin Brittain non-studio session (June 12, 2019) –

Why not start this sterling list with one of the more recent episodes? Before I do so, I just wanted to give a super duper shout out to publicist extraordinare Jamie Roberts of FOR THE WIN Media for finding me a literal last minute guest on less than a moment’s notice. SO grateful. We had a guest cancelation happen moments before I arrived at the studio, and frankly I’m glad that we did. Producer/songwriter Colin Brittain (5 Seconds of Summer, One OK Rock) felt like an old friend that I had much in common with, and we gabbed about mid-90s Epitaph punk and Weezer like my actual old friends and I actually do. As always, I am happy have the forum to shout out Superdrag every chance that I get, and Colin waxed poetic on that wonderful foursome as well. Colin’s rad. Thank you, Colin. 

  1. Ben Farber studio session (December 13, 2017) –

Not so fun fact: The first time that I interviewed Ben Farber will never be heard by anyone. It’s in a waste receptacle somewhere and the December 13, 2017 interview was our second. I still feel bad about said fact, but absence makes the heart grow blonder and Ben’s sincere passion for life, positivity, and, of course, music shines through the Burbank (or North Hollywood, depending on whom you are asking) microphones. I met Ben at a Pandora party earlier this decade, before he even worked there, and we’ve had fun conversations, delicious coffee, and excellent food from trucks that serve food ever since. Since the show aired, Ben recently got a new job at Warner Records in streaming partnerships, and I am truly happy to watch his rise. He also has a podcast that you can find here.

  1. Dan Tsurif studio session (May 2, 2017) –

Funny coinciDANce: I haven’t seen Dan in a minute, and I’m meeting him for breakfast today; I’m excited. The first time that I met Dan was when he came to the idobi studio to record this here show. What. A. First. Impression. It was quite a lively episode as we bonded over punk rock, l’chaim, industry fascinations, and so many other things. He currently co-manages Zakk Wylde: So fucking Metal. He also currently manages Andy Black, who you may have read about on Substream. Yup. Dan is uber quick, ultra passionate, and a huge huge huge music fan. Plus, he also kind of likes The Offspring and coffee. I ain’t mad. 

  1. Chris Foitel studio session (November 1, 2017) –

I met Chris in 2004 when my old band The City Drive was shopping for labels. Epic expressed an interest and Chris (along with Pete Giberga) watched us showcase at Swing House in Hollywood. Since then, Chris has had A&R positions at Atlantic Records and Fearless Records. Now he is the Vice President and Head of A&R of my favorite label of all time: Epitaph Records. Chris remains humble, bright, and witty. It’s rare to meet someone of such high esteem in this industry that is so down to earth. Listen and learn why. 

  1. McKinley Kitts of flor studio session (December 13, 2016) –

McKinley Kitts is the Don Draper of the music industry without any of Don’s bad parts. Seriously. What a charming stud. My interview with this Oregonian guitarist/back-up-vocalist for Fueled By Ramen’s flor was a fucking informative romp. I miss this kid and hope to see him again soon. As loyal listeners of the show know, when I first started doing Waldman’s Words, I booked guests that I just loved from the music industry, and I now mostly have behind the scenes people for all aspects of entertainment. While McKinley does a lot of songwriting and production behind the scenes, he is mostly known for his onstage work in flor. This interview proves that he’s so much more than just a face that shreds. 

  1. Jazmine Valencia (with Hannah Benabid) studio session (August 1, 2018) –

Easily the wildest episode of the entire series. Without. A. Doubt. I’m not going to attempt to explain on paper (or computer) what marketing/social media guru Jazmine Valencia and I talked about: Just listen now. Stop whatever the hell you’re doing. Seriously. Oh and, hi, Jaz! Hello, Hannah. 

  1. Matt Wallace studio session (May 2, 2018) –

This was my fanboy episode and I have no guilty pleasures. Matt Wallace produced Faith No More, Maroon 5, Eye Alaska, Hoobastank, and many more prolific bands. However, my love for Ludo outshined his (and most of everyone else’s rosters) combined. Matt produced Ludo’s last two studio full lengths, and both records are front to back perfection. Matt remains sincere, intelligent, genuine, and creatively genius. This certainly was an episode I raved to wife about, so if that’s not a benchmark, what is?

  1. Sam Tall back-to-back studio sessions (December 26, 2018 & January 2, 2019)

We ended our 2018 and started our 2019 with the wonderful Sam Tall. Through the magic of radio, the two episodes were recorded in back-to-back succession, but they aired two weeks apart. It wasn’t a Tall order but it sure broke the talls. Sam is the most brilliant person I’ve yet to encounter in this industry, and I don’t know anyone that disagrees. Sam is a hyphen, an artist manager, an admin on a major Facebook group that I am scared to namedrop, and one of the good ones. If you have two hours, listen to these episodes back-to-back whilst starting at your solar system ceiling. Or don’t. Your loss. 

  1. Emily Berke studio session (November 20, 2018) –

Who does #2 work for? Muhaha. Sometimes I feel like Ms. Berke’s hype man, and I am NOT complaining. Read my piece for Substream showcasing why here. Emily Berke is the future of the music business, and her presence makes its past almost invalid. Hannah Fine. 

P.S. Check out the first and last episode of Berke’s Words if you’re daring. You have the google. I was its best and worst guest. 

  1. Kacie Quigley (September 12, 2018 & September 19, 2018)

Kacie Quigley greatly assists humanity and society owes her an enormous debt. Living The Dream (an incredible organization that helps sick children meet actual rock and rollers) is her lifeblood, and LTD truly truly truly truly makes the day, week, month, year, decade, and/or life of its recipients. I can’t thank Kacie enough for driving up from Orange County on two separate occasions to tell her story and highlight Living The Dream. In another dream, I dreamt of an episode that will outshine these two, but then I woke up. Waldman’s Words peaked in September 2018, and I’m more than fine with that. You may cry listening, but it’s in the best way ever. Thank you, Kacie. 

Here are some thoughts in list form that will legally serve as my conclusion. 

  1. Kacie wrapped up our double digit episodes so well. We then had a three part series commemorating our first 100 and highlighting a bunch of guests listed above and not mentioned here. We hope to do this again:

  1. Randy Nichols (manager for Underoath & The Starting Line) will be featured on tonight’s episode of Waldman’s Words. That hour flew by and I hope that you agree. 
  1. While there are some exceptions, I prefer in studio guests to phone interviews. If you’re curious about my social interaction ranking, it’s right here in math form –

In person > Phone call of any kind > Email > Text messaging > Facebook messaging > Twitter DMing > Instagram messaging > Yelling from afar

  1. I am grateful to every guest and listener, but there can only be ten guests featured here.

  2. Happy 4th, Murica.