Bebe Rexha is back with a brand-new single, “Last Hurrah”. The song, premiered Friday via Warner Bros., is the first single of her forthcoming second album (yet to be named), and revives Rehxa’s powerhouse voice. The idea for the song came, as Rexha said in a tweet, from seeing co-writer Lauren Christy eat a piece of cake after she swore to her husband she wouldn’t eat sugar again. When asked by her husband if she was still on her diet, she said, “This is my last hurrah!”, meaning that it was going to be her one last time seizing the moment and messing up. There came the song’s title. The single’s eye-catching artwork features Rexha shrouded in red-orange light, wearing what looks like a crown of thorns that could be meant to signify the bad habits— like chocolate cake— that grip us so tightly.

“‘Last Hurrah’ is about vices. We all have them,” Rexha said officially of the track. “It’s not just about smoking or drinking, it’s about love, food or any of our bad habits. It’s our final anthem to all our vices as we seek a new tomorrow and a better us. And then do it all again tomorrow.”

“Last Hurrah” sets the stage for Bebe’s upcoming second album, the eagerly awaited follow-up to 2018’s Expectations (release date yet to be announced), and is her first song of the year. Rexha will be debuting the song live for the first time on Live With Kelly And RyanThe Morning After The Oscars, on February 25th. Fans should also expect a music video coming soon, which had to be heavily “toned down”, as she tells Ryan Seacrest in the same interview.

Listen to “Last Hurrah” below.