There’s nothing that can beat a good dance track. Whether you’re in a good mood and feel like celebrating or are feeling down and need a lift, popping on a danceable jam is the way to go. On top of that, any good dance song needs a great music video. The song is about dancing, so we should see some sweet moves in the video, right? LA artist Spencer Ludwig already has a spectacular dance hit on his hands with “Just Wanna Dance” from March, and now he has the video to match. Get your dancing shoes on, because Substream is premiering the music video for “Just Wanna Dance” right here.

“Just Wanna Dance” addresses our relationship with social media, so of course the video begins with Ludwig and the dancers accompanying him all scrolling through their phones. Even with phones in hand, the ensemble begins to dance with impressive coordination and some smart choreography. As the song moves along and hits its stride, everyone gets more involved in the dancing and paying less attention to the devices in their hands. Eventually they leave the phones behind entirely, and Ludwig leads the group into a wildly fun dance party, replete with bright lights and some fantastic moves. Someone does a flip over Ludwig while he plays his trumpet. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

Ludwig gave us the entire run down on how the video came to be, saying “Jessica Star, founder of MusEffect [the company that produced the video] reached out to me on Instagram one day asking if I would be interested in participating in a music video for my song “Just Wanna Dance” that she would fund, organize and choreograph – of course, I was interested! At first I thought it was too good to be true, but as I dug deeper into who MusEffect actually was and learned that they are a non-profit organization committed to fostering a dialogue on social issues through performance art, I understood why she wanted to work with me and my song ‘Just Wanna Dance,’ especially since the song is a satire on this generation’s (and my own) social media addiction. I am so honored and grateful that they chose me and my song this year and I couldn’t be happier with how the final product turned out. I had a blast working with Jessica and the dancers and I really feel that the choreography captures both the message of the lyric and the spirt of the music.”

You can watch the video for “Just Wanna Dance” below. It’s going to make you want to dance, too.