Have you ever tried to accurately recall the details form a dream, only to find that there’s a dense fog surrounding everything? It’s heavy and starts to slowly roll over everything in a way that helps to distinguish the difference between dreams and reality. That’s what it’s like when you listen to the music of recent No Sleep Records resident dream-pop specialists — an Ottawa collective called PINE.

Last year, the band released their incredible Pillow Talk EP which is full of rich and ethereal soundscapes fit for a night where you just want to feel weightless. There’s a feeling of floating that occurs from the second you hit play that leaves you craving another round of it once you approach the final seconds of it. The band is working on a follow-up LP for this year, but in the meantime, I couldn’t be more excited to share the music video for “Jilt” with y’all. The video was co-directed by JJ Sorensen and PINE’s own Darlene Deschamps and creates a world firmly planted in both dreams and reality — weaving in and out of each in order to paint one singular delicate and overarching story.

When asked about the video, vocalist Darlene Deschamps said: “Jilt, where Pillow Talk derives its name, is about trying to obtain the intimacy you need in a relationship that’s fighting the balance between love and dreams. The video tries to emulate the feeling of a lover shut off from the relationship, holding a loss of love and intimacy beside them, seemingly unable to radiate the love needed.” The music video can be seen above.

“Jilt” comes from Pine’s Pillow Talk EP, which is available for purchase now through No Sleep Records.