Swedish black metal/noisecore band The Blue Collar Army have a frosty new album out via Ladysnow Society titled NORRLAND.

Doom and gloom in the form of hypnotic, droning instrumentals set the stage for harsh black metal growls that all combine to create a sound that was definitely recorded in a spooky shed out in the middle of a dense tundra (probably not, but maybe?). Even though it’s nearly impossible to make out any lyrics, NORRLAND is surprisingly political in theme, as the band’s note below will confirm:

“This is a call for an uproar, to shake off the bonds of abuse and oppression. For when a government has become so destructive that life is nearly impossible, the people must alter its way.

This is a call to rise up against those who keep us down. Since the time of the colonisation they have imposed impossible high taxes, plundered our rivers, ravaged our mountains and taken our sons and daughters.

This is a call to unite against those in power. This is a call for NORRLAND.”

Listen to The Blue Collar Army’s NORRLAND in full below via Spotify and also check out the attached video for lead single “Aurora.”