There are endless ways to express yourself through art. There’s music of course, but there’s also painting, photography, animation, and a whole host of other mediums to explore. That’s the fun thing about art: there’s no wrong way to go about it. Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes are of course fantastic musicians, with Chapter One and Chapter Two of their upcoming album Fashion already out and sounding excellent. The group are now showcasing a few other art forms in the music video for their song “Headfirst (It’s All Happening).”

The video starts simply enough, with several people exploring some rundown warehouses. In the warehouses, our subjects find various artistic tools, from books and pens to makeup kits and polaroid cameras. As footage of Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes performing is cut in, everyone starts to express themselves in different ways. As “Headfirst” begins to pick up steam, the action becomes more frantic, eventually culminating in a cascade of animation, explosion footage, and artistic expression. It’s a high intensity video that showcases all the wonderful things art can be.

You can watch the video for “Headfirst (It’s All Happening)” up above. Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes’ new album Fashion will be released in its entirety on August 24.