With the release of their highly anticipated album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, Arctic Monkeys have released a music video with their song, “Four Out of Five.”

The album, which quietly released on May 11 without any early singles, is the first record the band has released after 5 years. The tracks resemble the same groovy, yet gloomy sound that the band was known for with previous albums like AM and Suck It and See.

Directed by Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown, the video is filmed primarily at a single location; Castle Howard in the band’s home country of Yorkshire. The video gives off strong Stanley Kubrick vibes, as we see lead singer, Alex Turner wandering through a creepy hotel and photographing random oddities he finds.

Along with creepy shots of an old, gothic looking hotel, the retro colored lighting — deep reds, cold grays — give off the feel of a 1980’s horror film. The video builds up suspense as Turner sings, “Take it easy for a little while // Come and stay with us, it’s such an easy flight.”

The band will also be taking the new album on the road starting in October of 2018.