In connection with Love Simon‘s soundtrack release today, Bleachers have put out a new video for “Alfie’s Song (Not So Typical Love Song).” The soundtrack for Love Simon was produced by Bleachers’ Jack Antinoff with “Alfie’s Song” being the first single.

With a clear inspiration from the movie When Harry Met Sally, the video begins with Jack Antinoff walking down what seems to be a New York street as a jazzy saxophone plays “Auld Lang Syne” in the background. He then starts to run toward a girl standing alone at a party. It seems it might just be a perfect night for Antinoff and the girl to live happily ever after. However, Antinoff just can’t seem to pull off the dramatic New Years Eve entrance like Harry Burns could.

On his first try, Antinoff goes in for the big kiss and gets a bloody nose. This is not quite the same romantic conclusion we were hoping to see. The camera resets and he tries again but Antinoff is then seen tripping, have the doors locked on him, missing the cab and of course getting hit by the cab. However, fear not. We do get to see Antinoff’s movie-worthy ending as the girl at the party runs out to kiss him at the end of the video. You can watch the video for yourself at the top of the post. Also, if your life is in need of a little romance, watch the original ending scene from When Harry Met Sally below.