Lizzo just delivered the most honest song you’ll hear this week. Resistance is futile.

Most pop music can be label either incredibly catchy or deeply relatable, but what about those ultra-rare songs that manage to somehow be both? You know the type. Every year there are a small number of songs that manage to speak to the truth millions share while also being so infectious they could make the common cold jealous. Lizzo‘s new single “Truth Hurts” is one such song, and it spills so much tea you might need life jacket just to keep your head above water.

On the track, which technically debuted online Wednesday afternoon, Lizzo takes a former flame to task for his inability to be honest. Lizzo is not letting her recent heartbreak hold her back though, as she tells listeners she’s already found a new man on the Minnesota Vikings. You can experience the track in full at the top of this post.

Lizzo has been making waves in the music world for a minute now, but “Truth Hurts” feels like her true first shot at a chart-topping single. The song empowers those who have forgotten how great they were with tongue-in-cheek lyricism and a beat that just won’t quit. Hell, we had to stop writing this post no less than six times so we could bop around the office while the song played.

If this is your first time hearing Lizzo, you’re in luck. She has a full EP filled with sugary-sweet, but nonetheless powerful material called Coconut Oil. Click here to find out more about this fast-rising star.