Less than a month ago, the rapper known as Lil Pump unleashed his song “Gucci Gang” into the world. Not familiar? You can listen to the song below, but fair warning: it’s insanely catchy and it will be stuck in your head for days, as in between rapping about the expensive jewelry and Balmain jeans he says he’d rather buy than a wedding ring, he says “Gucci Gang” nearly two dozen times in the chorus.

Some call it “Soundcloud Rap” (a fitting description, as tracks like “Boss” and “Molly” have been gaining impressive recognition on Soundcloud over the past several months) and others call it “mumble rap”, but per this recent Noisey interview with his regular collaborator Smokepurrp,  Lil Pump just calls his music “ignorant.” Natives of South Florida (a regular hotspot for rap music), Lil Pump and Smokepurrp recently moved to LA because “it’s lit out here.”

If “Gucci Gang” wasn’t enough for you (it surely wasn’t enough for us here at Substream), Lil Pump announced that his debut project, the Lil Pump Tape, will be coming out on October 6. You can check out a Tweet featuring the cover artwork below, as well as an Instagram clip featuring a sneak preview of a new song.


Has “Gucci Gang” gotten stuck in your head yet? Are you ready for the upcoming release of Lil Pump Tape? We’re not quite sure if we are, but you can bet we’ll be listening either way. Follow Substream on Twitter and share your thoughts!