When Netflix premiered Narcos back in 2015, it was fair to wonder whether the series would continue after the death of Pablo Escobar, the show’s central focus. This question became even more pressing after Wagner Moura turned in two seasons of outstanding performances as Escobar, culminating in his death. Thankfully, the show did get renewed, and today, Netflix released a short teaser for the new season which includes a release date.

Even though Escobar was on the run and his operation was in shambles at the time of his death, his passing still left a major hole to be filled in the Columbian drug trade. Enter the Cali Cartel, whom the show has been slowly introducing as Escobar’s death neared. They’re now stepping fully into the spotlight. This is all explained to us by means of newspaper headlines and short clips narrated by Pedro Pascal’s character, Javier Peña. If that sounds curious to you, it’s because usual narrator, Boyd Holbrook, has left his role as Steve Murphy.

While Moura became the heart of Narcos, the rest of the cast is strong enough that Season 3 should still be excellent. We’ll find out when it lands on Netflix on September 1.