When Circa Survive announced the On Letting Go 10-year anniversary tour, people went wild, and rightfully so. It’s always really cool to see people get so excited for something that means so much to them, and this was absolutely no exception, especially with a lineup supported by mewithoutYou and Turnover.

Turnover opened the sold-out show at the Riviera to a full room, playing some songs off of their 2015 full-length, Peripheral Vision. They tossed last year’s single, “Humblest Pleasures,” into their 30-minute set and closed it out with “Dizzy On The Comedown.”

mewithoutYou was up next. The cool thing about this band, to me, is that all of their songs effortlessly blend into one another, regardless of what record they’re off of. They opened with “Torches Together” from 2004’s Catch For Us The Foxes, followed by Pale Horses‘ “Watermelon Ascot,” and eventually ended their set with “January 1979.”

Circa Survive took the stage last, backlit by a screen and props depicting Esao Andrews’ beloved album artwork from On Letting Go. They opened up with the first song off of the 2007 album, “Living Together,” proceeding to play through each of the album’s tracks sequentially, with the addition of its b-sides, “1000 Witnesses” and “The Most Dangerous Commercials.” Frontman Anthony Green noted that anyone can purchase the b-sides on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to the ACLU. The band closed out their set with “Close Your Eyes To See,” coming back for an encore with album closer, “Your Friends Are Gone.”