AFI vocalist and emo heartthrob Davey Havok has been the band’s frontman for over 25 years, but his voice hasn’t aged a day. Playing a packed show in Chicago on the last night of January, AFI’s energy, passion, and anger had the crowd flying. Following the commercial success of their 2003 album, Sing The Sorrow, Havok and company became one of the most popular punk bands of the early 21st century. Since then, their fame has never really died down, but rather retreated while the band regrouped and wrote new music. With the release of their 10th studio album (a self-titled release also known as The Blood Album) just a few days ago, AFI have come back harder and stronger than ever.

The Chain Gang Of 1974 have been supporting AFI on this first half of the tour. DJ and frontman Kamtin Mohager has toured with such bands as the Naked And Famous and Foster The People, and the group’s high-octane, electronic sound complemented AFI’s set very well. Their set had people hyped up for the main attraction but also had people interested in the opening act (which is not always an easy thing to do).

AFI started their set strong with their biggest hit, “Miss Murder.” 41-year-old Havok jumped off platforms and ran across the stage with more energy than musicians half his age. The band hasn’t toured in some years, and fans have excitedly been awaiting for them to hit the road for a long time. Several audience members mentioned that they had waited 15 years to see AFI, having missed them at major events like Warped Tour and Lollapalooza. While the band’s style and fan base have evolved over the years, the music they create is consistently strong, and the show they put on has only gotten better.

View our gallery of photos from AFI’s stop at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on January 31: