I think everyone was shocked by how serious the initial teaser for Cars 3 was when it was released at Thanksgiving. It looked like Lightning McQueen died! There’s now an extended teaser for the movie, and while Lightning McQueen doesn’t die (yet?), it looks like the movie will indeed have a more serious tone.

We see the race and crash from the first teaser, but with a little story thrown in to give context. It seems that Lightning is getting older, and technological wunderkind car Jackson Storm is seen as the future of racing. Of course Lightning has to find a way to beat him, and will spend some time in an underground demolition derby type racing circuit in order to outmaneuver Storm. There’s talk of controlling your own legacy and going out on top, and overall the movie appears to be heading in a more mature direction. Watch the trailer below:

Cars 3 returns with the voice talent of Owen Wilson as Lightning and Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera, with Armie Hammer joining as Storm. The film hits theaters on June 16.