The original Queens of Metal Kittie announced their reunion and shared their first single in 13 years “Eyes Wide Open” back in February, and today are returning with another brand new single, “We Are Shadows.”

“We Are Shadows” continues the triumphant return for Kittie on their new label home in Sumerian Records, and further showcases the musical evolution following their hiatus of more than a decade.

“We Are Shadows” speaks to the fading certainty in a world shrouded by looming challenges and increasing division all around us. Both a reflection and a reckoning — it features a compelling narrative that is further intensified by the band’s signature lyrical depth. “We Are Shadows is about the uncertainty of a future that we can no longer control. We have come to a critical place in life and in our world, and much like an eclipse overtaking the sun, we are losing the light,” Kittie frontwoman and guitarist, Morgan Lander shares “The image of shadows slowly fading in the evening darkness, and the analogy of ‘us’ as shadows in the night really illustrates the possibility of slowly fading into oblivion. It is not a song of hope however, it’s a song of coming to terms with the damage we do and acceptance of our fate. We’ve let darkness take hold, and so we are resolved to fade in the night with it

Watch the “We Are Shadows” music video below.

Kittie will play multiple North American Festivals this year, including Sick New World, Welcome To Rockville, Sonic Temple, Havoc Fest, and FEQ. Full information can be found here.

“We Are Shadows” is now available across all digital streaming platforms, and listeners are invited to experience the commanding presence that Kittie – completed by co-founder and drummer, Mercedes Lander, guitarist Tara McLeod and bassist Ivy Vujic – has long been celebrated for. As they continue to write their next chapter, Kittie cement their status as true metal icons, never pulling any punches whilst boldly exploring the depths of their artistry.

Stay tuned for more on Kittie’s incredible return.