Journey through the diverse landscapes of Michigan, where the silver screen comes to life amongst a backdrop of urban grit and natural beauty. Classics like 8 Mile, Transformers, and Gran Torino were all shot in the state. The dynamic settings of these films resonate with audiences worldwide, making Michigan more than just a setting. Michigan serves as a vital character that shapes the narrative and adds depth to each and every film’s storytelling.

Celebrate the Great Lakes State and all it contains. From bustling cityscapes to serene natural vistas, Michigan has hosted plenty of great films. The following films feature Michigan as an unparalleled canvas for filmmakers to tell unforgettable tales that captivate and inspire.

8 Mile 

Featuring Eminem, 8 Mile epitomizes the struggles and aspirations of Detroit rapper Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. Jimmy grapples with personal demons while striving for success in the city’s music scene. The movie shows off Detroit’s urban landscape with iconic landmarks like the Michigan State Fairgrounds and the historic Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects serving as backdrops to Jimmy’s story. As inner and outer conflicts swirl about the rapper, the film’s setting matches the raw energy and authenticity of Detroit. This is a poignant portrayal of resilience and ambition despite adversity.

Need For Speed 

Need for Speed sets the silver screen alight with adrenaline-fueled action, high stakes-car races, and intense chase scenes. Set partially in Detroit, this movie is based on the popular video game of the same name. Landmarks like Woodward Avenue and the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac show off the state. Tobey Marshall, the main character, takes a gamble against time to seek vengeance and clear his good name in the race car driving scene. However, not all went to plan with the release of this film despite the amazing setting because it was a bit of a box office flop. The Need for Speed movie makers may have been better off trying their luck on Hollywood online casino Michigan—because the gamble they did take clearly didn’t pay off.

Gran Torino 

Gran Torino centers around Clint Eastwood and his struggle with the changing landscape of his Detroit neighborhood. Eastwood plays a Korean War Veteran named Walt Kowalski, who confronts his prejudice and racist tendencies while getting to know his Hmong neighbors. Gran Torino shows Detroit’s cultural diversity and gritty streetscapes while capturing profound human connections. This film shows an evolving city with filming locations in Highland Park and Grosse Point. The spirit of community endures through the lens of Gran Torino.

Roger & Me 

Roger & Me delves into the economic struggles of Flint, Michigan, as filmmaker Michael Moore documents the impact of General Motors plant closures in the 1980s on the local community. A blend of investigative journalism and personal storytelling, Roger & Me features Moore’s personal take on the human cost of corporate decisions. A showcase of Flint’s decline and America’s loss of industry, Roger & Me is all filmed on location in Flint. This movie is candid and humorous despite showing a city in crisis. Viewers are challenged to confront the realities of economic inequality and examine the consequences of unchecked capitalism.

The Evil Dead 

A true horror classic! The Evil Dead terrifies audiences with its tale of supernatural frights unfolding in a remote cabin near Morristown, Michigan. Directed by Sam Raimi, the film immerses viewers in a nightmarish world of demonic possession and grisly violence amidst the eerie forests of Michigan. As a group of friends become ensnared in a battle against ancient evil, the secluded wilderness becomes a character in its own right, heightening the sense of isolation and dread. Filmed on location in Michigan’s haunting landscapes, The Evil Dead remains a cult classic renowned for its innovative camerawork and visceral thrills. You’ll sleep with the lights on after watching this one. 


Transformers—and its many sequels—is a sci-fi classic reimagined by epic director Michael Bay. This movie unleashes huge battles between colossal robots (that are also cars) onto the streets of Detroit. Iconic landmarks like the Michigan Central Station and the Fisher Building become battlegrounds for otherworldly conflicts. This film captivates audiences with special effects, high-octane action, beautiful CGI, and real-world locations. Humanity is caught in the crossfire of alien robots, and Detroit is the main arena for this once-in-a-lifetime fight.