Jake Miller hasn’t slowed down this year: after releasing the BASED ON A TRUE STORY. EP this spring, he’s continued to release new singles. The latest is called “LAST TEXT”, and it was written by Miller alongside Fly By Midnight’s Slavo, singer-songwriter Spencer Sutherland, and newcomer Scott Pelsang. Miller, Slavo, and Pelsang also co-produced the track. Beginning with a folky acoustic guitar line, “LAST TEXT” soon booms into an anthemic, sing-along track about that moment when you realize you’re ready to let go and leave someone behind.

Miller says about the track, “‘LAST TEXT’ is about finally letting go and moving on. It’s about the realization that some things are just not to meant to be, like you once thought they were. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written because it’s very empowering.”

“LAST TEXT,” which follows the singles “NERVOUS” and “OCEAN AWAY,” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music. Miller has also created a LAST TEXT hoodie, which features a floral print and includes a download of the track. Jake Miller will be supporting Hoodie Allen on the Whatever USA Tour this fall. Tour dates and more info are on his website.