None of us are perfect. Every person has flaws and makes mistakes. Even the best of us have off days where things just aren’t going right and feelings of doubt and defeatism creep in. None of that makes a person unworthy of love, though. It’s part of the human experience to have these flaws, and a good partner will recognize that and support you regardless. It’s important to remember that you deserve that kind of respect and support. If you need a reminder of that, LA-based singer Anna Dellaria has just the thing for you. Today she’s sharing her new single “At My Worst,” and we have the premiere right here.

Dellaria does not lack for confidence, and that’s reflected from the very start of “At My Worst.” The synths saunter in with a powerful swing, and the finger snaps might be the crispest snaps I’ve ever heard. Dellaria knows exactly what she’s worth, laying out everything she’ll bring to a relationship. At the same time, she acknowledges that she’s not perfect and wants to make sure this other person knows what they’re getting into. It’s a strong message, designed to equip both people in the relationship with the confidence and assurances necessary to make sure everyone is healthy and happy. The nuance and maturity in Dellaria’s lyrics are not often found in a pop ballad, and the catchy hook and powerful vocals deliver that message in the best possible format.

“At My Worst” was a personal journey for Dellaria. She says:

“Too often, we allow our flaws and vulnerabilities to justify settling for less or expecting less from others. One day, I was inspired to write something for myself and others on the days when we’re tired of compromising and meeting other people’s standards, just because we’ve believed for so long that we’re unworthy of more. I had a moment of realizing, ‘Wtf! The reason this person is ‘drawn’ to me is because of the chaos inside of me that allows for those beautiful parts to exist!’ I hope this song enables everybody to be their boldest selves and celebrate their quirks or imperfections as the tools that allow us to be stronger, better and so much more. Most importantly, I hope the song inspires people to grab a friend or drink (or both!), and yell ‘Want me at my best? Then take me At My Worst’ and vow to never settle for less, and to celebrate their “crazy” or “weird” sides. The single is produced by my good friend and collaborator Jonny Shorr, who also co-wrote alongside Will Jay and I. We got together in the studio and I had mentioned wanting to do something with a bit more attitude – and we dove in on ‘At My Worst!'”

You can listen to “At My Worst” below.