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REVIEW: SOHN’s ‘Rennen’ is an emotionally rich and powerful LP

SOHN doesn’t have to prove his musical bonafides to anybody. He has worked with a number of artists producing masterpiece after masterpiece, recently working...

SOHN shows off his vocals on new track, “Rennen”

SOHN's album, Rennen, is less than a month from release. We've already heard "Signal" and "Conrad" from said album, and those tracks got us...

SOHN returns with new song, new LP news, and North American tour dates

SOHN certainly knows how to make a splash in the news. First, he's released a great new song, entitled "Conrad." That wasn't enough, though,...

SOHN and Milla Jovovich team up for “Signal” video

SOHN is an extremely talented British producer. Milla Jovovich is a supremely talented actress and zombie slayer. It's not a pairing that you'd come...

‘Ready Player One’ is a light and bubbly CGI confection with little substance

Nostalgia is a tricky thing that can be a harmless source of enjoyment or a toxic force that can damage those who consume too...

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