New York-raised DJ and music producer Leo Tebele has always been fueled by passion — especially when making hit music. After scoring massive hits with previously released “Summer Boy” and “Feeling Close,” he drops his next big hit — just in time for the summertime — in the dance-ready single “Still Be One.” Coming on the heels of accumulating over 500,000 streams across all digital streaming platforms, it’s Leo Tebele’s best song yet.

“Still Be One” boasts the capability to be blended into a club set, yet maintains the dynamism to be a fit for a wide variety of lifestyle moments: beachside chilling, workout mode, jamming with friends. The tune builds together shining synths, deep house basslines, and emotional vocals all in one go to create the riveting mood that’s at hand. Squeaky clean production and a punchy mix enhance the energy at hand with each passing beat.

“The messaging of the song is meant to be open to interpretation of the listener,” says Tebele. “For me,’Still Be One’ is about a person and their significant other experiencing a special kind of love for each other – this love leads the couple to do extraordinary things for each other they wouldn’t necessarily do for other people. Over the course of their relationship, the couple goes through amazing times and tough times but even through the ups and downs they discover they have true love for each other and choose to spend the rest of their lives with each other and will ‘Still Be One’ together through the ups and downs of life and their relationship – whether you’re ‘one’ as an individual or ‘one’ as a unified couple, we will ‘Still Be One’ through the ups & downs of life.”  

For Leo and making music, using the same skills when producing, he finds inspiration in so many places. His original music combines actual instrumentation with electronic elements to create his own unique sound. “Still Be One” will kickstart anticipation for an upcoming project that is expected for a late-2022 release.  For more on Leo Tebele, follow him on social media.

You may check out Leo Tebele’s new track below.