New sensation releases two new songs for the masses.

Capitalizing on her recent recognition, among the two new efforts, the 23-year-old Shlizk turns the Billie Ellish original, “When The Party’s Over (Shlizk Remix)” into something flavorful and easy to get into, enhancing the already embedded themes within. On “Personality Disorder,” showcases a more introspective and original direction. Shlizk’s incline in 2019 is in parallel with show demand and a rise in the amount of recent new music.

Analyzing the rising star, born Ashley Haenel of New York, her style is infectious positive energy manifests itself in every aspect of her production, aesthetic and performance. Gaining her stage name as an adolescent, Shlizk took the leap every true artist must take, leaving behind her position as CFO of a digital media company to pursue her music career.

As we ascend into the last of 2019, Shlizk is poised to rack up millions of streams and add bigger marquees to her resume. Stay tuned.

Both “When The Party’s Over (Shlizk Remix)” and “Personality Disorder” is available now on SoundCloud.