Rat Kid Cool stake their claim for 2018 with ‘Year Of The Rat’

Rat Kid Cool

It’s the year of the goddamn Rat, baby!

By now, I hope that you know that I love a little band from New Jersey called The Front Bottoms. The release of Going Grey saw a different line-up than what we’d grown accustomed too–the album was notably missing Ciaran O’Donnell and his signature stylings on trumpet and guitar. Update: Ciaran has since reached out and expressed that he did play on Going Grey. The  band subreddit still mourns the loss of Ciaran on a daily basis because a lot of what we grew to love about post-self-titled The Front Bottoms was born of his genius. A result of this grieving process saw the fans put on their Nancy Drew caps and get to the bottom of what happened and/or what Ciaran is doing now, which lead to the discovery of a new project called Rat Kid Cool and a Bandcamp single called “Patagonia.”

Patagonia” had a lot of promise; building off the kind of slacker-pop vibes that were starting to bleed into The Front Bottoms material and marrying that to indie-rock in the same vein as another band that I’ve recently fallen in love with, Nana Grizol. It’s the kind of song that hooks you with the weird but keeps you because of the fun and lazily catchy brand of pop music is impossible to resist. It’s barely been a week since the song was released–I’ve barely had time to fully digest a song that I’ve listened to almost six times a day since I heard it for the first time–and Rat Kid Cool have staked their claim for the year 2018 by surprise releasing an album called Year Of The Rat. 

Year Of The Rat obviously houses “Patagonia” and creates a home for the song in an expansive and impressive record. The ride doesn’t feel long enough and each song feels bigger and better than the last. The album is available for pay-what-you-want through the Rat Kid Cool Bandcamp, and you can stream/download this phenomenal record below.