He Is We removed from Secondhand Serenade tour following assault allegations

Rachel Taylor He Is We

The fallout from recent accusations brought against He Is We‘s Rachel Taylor has begun.

Just one week after allegations of sexual assault were made against He Is We founding member Rachel Taylor by a former touring guitarist the group’s upcoming tour plans have been scrapped. He Is We was supposed to have a support slot Secondhand Serenade‘s fall headlining run, but late Thursday night news broke that the band has been removed from the bill.

In a tweet to fans Secondhand Serenade’s John Vesely broke his silence regarding the allegations by writing “Hey everyone, due to some recent allegations that have come about involving @HeIsWE they will no longer be part of the upcoming tour.” He later added, “But Ronnie Winter of @redjumpsuit and I are still looking forward to seeing you all starting next week in Buffalo!”

Prior to the announcement, an online petition calling for He Is We to be removed from Secondhand Serenade’s tour received more than 150 signatures.

He Is We has not made any posts of their own in response to these developments. In fact, the band has deleted the previous statements made in response to the allegations from their social media pages. There have been several additional changes made to those pages as well, including the profile and cover images. It seems the band is trying to quietly move forward, but so far it appears the alternative community is not ready to do the same.