The first ‘Unforgettable’ trailer spoils the entire movie


We have received a lot of trailers for 2017 movies thus far in December, and the vast majority of them have given you a ton of eye candy with very little, if any, plot. We don’t know what’s happening in that Cars 3 clip that depresses me at least once a week, nor do we fully understand why Vin Diesel is turning his back on family in the three minutes worth of footage from Fate Of The Furious that debuted earlier this week. One thing we know for certain, however, is that the trailer for Unforgettable leaves you with no need to pay for the movie because the preview itself reveals every single beat and then some for no obvious reason.

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Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:

Can you honestly say you have any questions about what happens in this film? At the very least the editor could have mixed the order of the scenes shown, but from the looks of it the footage above shows the entire film, beat by beat, in the order that it will happen. An initial separation between Katherine Heigl and her man kicks things into motion, and not long after Rosario Dawson enters the fray. Heigl doesn’t like the new woman in her former flame’s life, and she soon sets to winning him back. After being turned down what appears to be numerous times, Heigl’s character snaps and begins stalking Dawson. She then uncovers a dark secret from Dawson’s past, likely tied to an abusive lover or similarly bad situation, and leverages her knowledge to get under Dawson’s skin. Tensions rise, risks are taking, and the two female leads will inevitably duke it out. Who will win? Who cares.

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Nothing in the paragraph above is any different than what you’re shown, and it tells a complete story. Why would anyone pay money to see this movie after knowing everything that will happen? What fun exists in watching the first two-thirds if you know the two female leads will eventually have an all-out fist fight? Any mystery or thrills that may have been present in the story have now been shot, leaving a very predictable adventure with little to no surprises in their place.

Unforgettable opens everywhere April 21. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this wannabe romantic thriller.