Tegan And Sara return in doll form for “Dying To Know” video

tegan and sara

We were beginning to miss getting to cover a Tegan And Sara video every week or so. The duo released a wider variety of videos for their last album, Love You To Death. Thankfully, the sisters heard our cries, and have released the video for track “Dying To Know.”

The video, directed by Nathan Boey, combines felt dolls and Miami Vice, which works way better than you might think. Doll Tegan and Doll Sara are on the case, with seedy locations, old sports cars, and even the Vice font on all of the text that appears. The dolls were made by Eleni Creative and look pretty good in action. See for yourself:

Love You To Death was one of the better albums that came out this year, so check it out if you haven’t already. After that, you can debate your friends about which of their music videos was the best.