Tegan And Sara finish their 2016 music video journey with “That Girl”

tegan and sara

From the beginning, Tegan And Sara‘s stated goal for their June release, Love You To Death, was to make a music video for every single song on the album. Now, months after the release and just days after the launch of the Tegan And Sara Foundation, that goal has been accomplished with the release of the music video for “That Girl.”

The sisters have been touring extensively this year, and this video features a bunch of footage from said tours. Shot all in black and white and directed by Allister Ann, it’s a fitting and touching way for the duo to bring their 2016 to a close. Check it out:

Love You To Death is available in physical formats on Tegan And Sara’s website, or available digitally on iTunes. And as we mentioned on Monday, the Tegan And Sara Foundation is taking donations here.