On December 17 and 18, the Stay Warm festival will take place in Toronto with an impressive bill of bands sure to take the chill off the joint with plenty of volume and energy. Curated and headlined by Ontario’s own Silverstein, the festival will also host bands like Protest The Hero, Citizen, Code Orange, American Nightmare, and A Wilhelm Scream. Tickets for Day One and Day Two are still on sale.

To get fans excited for this weekend’s event, Silverstein has created a video playlist comprised of some of their favorite tracks from the bands that’ll perform at Stay Warm.

Silverstein drummer Paul Koehler: “There are so many great festivals throughout Toronto, but very few cater to the aggressive side of rock music. Our band started by playing the greater-Toronto area over 16 years ago and we have been fortunate to see a ton of great bands that inspired us over the years. We wanted to create an opportunity to build a line-up of bands that cover a range of genres, some of which are local but others that are national touring acts. Our scene has always been a hotbed for talent, and we’re glad to be showcasing some of the younger rising bands from throughout.”

Silverstein – “Ghost”

This is our newest single; we’ll be performing it along with a bunch of fan favourites.

Protest The Hero – “Bloodmeat”

We first toured with these guys back in 2005. They are some of the most talented guys we’ve ever met, still killing it and just released a brand new EP.

American Nightmare – “Hearts”

American Nightmare is one of our favourite hardcore bands of all time. Background Music defined the genre for us and we couldn’t be more excited to share the stage with them.

Citizen – “The Summer”

Having seen Citizen on Warped a few years ago, the band has risen to be one of the top bands in their genre. As soon as we got the call that they were able to play, we knew fans would be excited.

Code Orange – “Forever”

This has to be one of the heaviest tracks of the year. We’re equally excited about the new Code Orange album as we are about seeing them live at Stay Warm.

Coldfront – “Shed Light”

These guys are local, having grown up in the same area as us. They’re getting ready to drop their debut album next year. Be sure to check them out.

Rarity – “Stranger”

We often call Rarity our little brothers. We shared the road for six weeks earlier this year and Stay Warm will be a big reunion for all of us.

The Flatliners – “Eulogy”

Nothing is more Toronto than the Flatliners, but they have also made a name for themselves all over the world. They bring an added bit of diversity to the bill that we were looking for.

A Wilhelm Scream – “I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz”

Quick fact: The bass player from this band grew up playing in a punk band with Shane [Told]. He also played bass in Silverstein for about three shows before we found Billy [Hamilton]. The rest of the band is from MA, and they’re one of the tightest, most technical punk bands out there.

Cyclamen – “Memories”

This is the first band outside of North America to be performing at our festival. Cyclamen is from Japan and is currently on tour with Protest The Hero.

River Oaks – “Let You Down”

This is the solo project of Shane, from Silverstein. In fact, this will be his very first show!

Sparrows – “References To The Dead”

Another great local band that just dropped a brand new album.